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Promethazine is used for relieving allergy symptoms, including hives or runny nose.

Liquid promethazine with codeine for sale over the Internet. When customers asked about the ingredients, sales rep told them, "we don't like to disclose that." At some point the salesman informed customers that "opioid and hydrocodone mixture" was made from "a very good substance that we don't want anyone to know about." "A quick review of the ingredients for products disclosed several codeine, hydrocodone, and oxycodone components that were later found to be highly toxic when abused," reads an FTC press release in May 2016. The company was fined $26,500. "What happened to my kids in school was nothing compared to what this has done other kids around the country," said victim's mother in a statement to the media at time. "All I want is justice for what my kids experienced." The Associated Press reported that some customers had contacted the FTC to complain about company's "bizarre marketing" tactics. "I would say that 80 percent of people who came in for painkillers are need of these painkillers," said one dealer at the time who gave Daily Beast a tour of the store. "This is nothing new." In addition, the sales guy who said he used codeine-containing medication told customers that his business "is more than twice the size of this store." He explained that the company was so popular because it focused on "a product that is not necessarily good for you when it comes to opioid addiction," but is "good for you when it comes to pain management." According to state documents obtained by the AP, codeine-containing drugs that allegedly went to schoolchildren ranged from a 60 mL packet of oxycontin for $35 to 500 mg oxycodone pills